Our Services.

ENOS provides a wide array of logging and completion services to the E&P companies. ENOS employs the latest technology available to acquire and record data real-time (Surface Read-Out Mode). Our logging tools can be deployed on Coiled Tubing, Slickline, or Electric Line. ENOS engineers and technical staff have extensive expertise in their fields in various countries around the world. All equipment, including Logging Units, Logging Tools, Pressure Control Equipment, and Acquisition and Analysis software are manufactured by leading international manufacturers..

Open Hole


Gamma Ray & Telemetry Sub (GRT)

Dual Laterolog Logging (DLL)

Dual Induction Logging (DIL)

Litho-Density and Micro-Spherically Focused Logging (LDMS)

Compensated Neutron Logging (CNL)

High Definition Sonic Logging Sonde (HDSL)

Natural Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Sonde (NGS)

Inclination Tool (IT)

Four-Arm Caliper (4-CAL)

Auxiliary Logging Sonde (AMT)

Enhanced Formation Tester (EFT)

High Resolution Imager (HRI)

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Cased Hole


PLT Production Logging Tools

Pulsed Neutron Neutron (PNN) system

2 3/ 4" Dual Receiver Cement Bond Log

2 3/ 4" RADII Dual Receiver Cement Bond Log

Electromagnetic Defects & Thickness Tool DDS42K-29C

2- 7/ 8" MultiFinger Caliper Tool

Through Tubing Bridge Plug System (TTBP)

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Pipe Recovery


Free-Point Indicator & Back-off Tool

Tubing Puncher

Casing & Tubing Cutters

Radial Cutting Torches

Chemical Cutters

Spectra Cutters

Split Shot® cutters

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Expendable Hollow Retrievable Perforating System

Through Tubing Gun

No Debris Gun

DPEX Reactive Liner Perforating System

RF Safe Perforating Systems

Deep Penetrating Perforating Systems

Good Hole Perforating Systems

Big Hole Perforating Systems

Through Tubing Perforating Systems

Junk Basket & Setting Tools

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