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Chairman’s letter

Within the first five years of its life, ENOS has conquered frontiers rarely explored by regional service providers before. During this time, ENOS has delivered critical services in some of the most difficult regions of the world, providing advanced logging and perforating technologies, performed by some of the most experienced engineers in the industry.

ENOS believes that the main reason behind this success is ENOS’s consistent investment in cultivating its talent and human resources, and in developing novel technical solutions required by its clients

As ENOS currently operates in some of the most challenging oilfields in the world both logistically and technically, it has always understood and respected the importance of operational safety and service quality. In many cases ENOS has exceeded its clients’ expectations. ENOS’s local knowledge and expertise has played a key role in providing its clients with uncompromising service quality.

ENOS devoutly believes that investing in research and development is vital to providing value-added service. The company has made a decision to focus its research and development in responding to clients’ urgent and pressing formation evaluation needs, some of which have not be prioritized by international companies. The excel development of our Open Hole logging system and the “multi-pipe corrosion and thickness log” are only two examples of the outcome of this investment strategy. Now ENOS tries to lead the way in anticipating its clients’ needs under the various logistical circumstances and technical conditions.

The results derived from our operations have had tangible positive impact on the production enhancement and reservoir management plans of the operators. This is seconded by the clients who called on ENOS in many occasions. For ENOS, the moral of the story of each job executed is: value addition.

Building on its successes and achievements, ENOS looks forward to breaking through farther frontiers. This is ENOS’s way of doing its part towards a world of growing energy needs.


Chairman & Managing Director.

Business definition

“To provide the Oil & Gas upstream sector with safe, top quality and cost effective Wireline Logging & Perforation solutions, based on value addition and technical innovation.”


Business Aspiration

“To be one of the top four Logging & Perforation service providers in the region by 2015"

Core value

Implementation of international HSE&Q standards by:

Corporate Policies

Procedures, Standards & Training

High quality, talented and experienced management and workforce
Continuous technical development & training programs


Equipment manufactured by international, reputable manufacturers with the specifications and features based equipment

Innovative and customized solutions based on customer requirements

What They Say
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Appreciation Letters 19 Jul 2007
Country Manager - Iraq

The overall results show an upright

 benchmark in service delivery on all

 a well-executed project during the  years 2006 and 2007

A&T Petroleum Company

Appreciation Letters 08 Feb 2008
Operation manager

The personnel, services and quality  of  the Product definitely meet the  international standards. it is our

intention to continue to cooperate  with ENOS for our future operations  and we hope that it will keep up its  good work

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